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Daytronic and our Partners

Daytronic Joins Forces with Gossen Metrawatt and Camille-Bauer

Daytronic has been engineering and manufacturing electronic sensor signal conditioning and system products since 1954. Over the years, we have supplied instruments that have set the standard in our field and have clearly proven the test of time with our reliability, quality and measurement accuracy. In 2007, Daytronic partnered with the following sister companies that are part of the Global Power Technology Group in the U.S.A. and supports and markets the Camille-Bauer and Gossen Power Supply products.

Latest News

November 2015

Sineax AM Series introduced for graphical panel instrument for heavy current grids.

July 2014

Kinax HW730 - Modbus/TCP with POE Hollow Shaft Transmitter for angle position introduced.

December 1, 2010

Daytronic partners with Camille-Bauer as a US supplier of instruments.


U.S.A. based manufacturer of signal conditioning instruments and systems for industrial, automotive and aerospace applications. As a sister company to Camille-Bauer, Daytronic manages and supports all Camille-Bauer products, including the SINEAX and KINAX, in the US market.

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Gossen- Metrawatt

German manufacturer of Power Instrumentation and Temperature Controllers, Power Analyzers, Hand-held instruments, Laboratory & Rack Mount Power Supplies. Daytronic supports and manages the SYSKON and KONSTANTER Series power supplies.

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U.S.A. based manufacturer of Power Quality Analyzers for fixed mount and portable applications. Supports and manages the GMC-I - Gossen Metrawatt products in the US market.

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Electrotek Concepts

Electrotek Concepts, a leading power systems engineering consultant. We analyze, measure, simulate and solve electric power problems and provide training on many power quality and power system topics.

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